Changing the Appearance of Slides

When working in PowerPoint 2000 changing slide appearance is simpler than you think. Just follow the instructions in this free lesson.

Adding effects

Adding shading, textures, or patterns to your slides can give your presentation a more interesting appearance.

To change or add effects:

  • Open a presentation.
  • Select a slide to change.
  • Choose FormatactionBackground from the menu bar. The Background dialog box opens.
  • Click Fill Effects at the bottom of the Fill Color drop-down menu.
  • In the Fill Effects dialog box, the Gradient tab is already selected. Preview some of your choices by clicking inside the small circle for colors and shading styles. You can use the slider to make color lighter or darker.
  • Click the Texture tab to preview more choices.
  • Click the Pattern tab for more options.
  • Decide on a design, and click OK.