Creating a Master Slide

Learn how to use the PowerPoint 2000 master slide feature in this free lesson.

Creating a master slide

To create a master slide:

  • Choose ViewactionMasteractionSlide Master.
  • A slide with placeholders appears.

Master Slide

  • Choose FormatactionBackground and choose the background color.
  • Choose FormatactionBackgroundactionFill Effects.
  • Select the text in the Master title style placeholder.
  • Choose FormatactionFont and choose a font, font color, and font style.
  • The Master text styles placeholder contains a model of up to five bullet levels in which the text gets smaller for each level. For each level, select the text and choose a font and font color.
  • Choose a font and font color for the page number (#) placeholder and for the footer and date and time placeholders, if necessary. Note: Keep the master slide open to complete the rest of this lesson.

Important pointGenerally, you should keep the text the same color for the title and all text levels. Notice that in the master slide, font sizes are preselected for you. The sizes are based on what someone is able to read from a reasonable distance. You can change the font size, but this is fine tuning you might want to do later.