Creating a Master Slide

Learn how to use the PowerPoint 2000 master slide feature in this free lesson.

Inserting the new title master

With the master slide open, insert a new title master. This is a special slide for the title slide of your presentation. The Slide Master is a basic blueprint for all the slides of your presentation, while the Title Master only addresses the elements of your title slide.

To insert a new title master:

  • Click the Insert New Title Master button Insert New Title Master button from the toolbar to see a special master slide for the title slide. (You can keep the title master as is, or you can change it so it's different from your master slide.)
  • Choose ViewactionNormal.
  • Click Click to add Title to begin creating your presentation. Notice that the first slide of your presentation contains all of the background, fonts, and other elements you chose when you created your master slide and title master.