Creating a Presentation

Learn about the PowerPoint 2000 blank presentation option available to you when using this presentation software.

Saving, closing, and exiting

You can save and close presentations and exit PowerPoint similar to the way you would complete these steps in other Microsoft applications.

To save a presentation:

  • Click FileactionSave As (Ctrl+S).
  • Choose the folder where you want to save it, type a file name, and click Save.

To close a presentation:

  • Click the X in the PowerPoint presentation window (Ctrl+W). The PowerPoint application remains open and you can start a new presentation.

To exit PowerPoint:

  • Choose FileactionExit (Alt+F4).

Note: Before you exit PowerPoint, make sure to save any work you want to keep.

Important PointOnce you have the main PowerPoint window open, you can easily start a new presentation. Choose FileactionNew. Click the General tab.