Moving and Sizing Placeholders

In PowerPoint 2000 moving placeholders is simple. Also in PowerPoint 2000 sizing placeholders is easy. Learn how to do both here.

Moving and sizing placeholders

As you prepare a presentation, you may find that you want to change the size of the placeholders. They can be moved or resized using sizing handles. When you click a placeholder or an object, sizing handles appear on the corners and edges around it.

Sizing Handles

Clicking and dragging the different sizing handles creates different effects. If you want to make your object or placeholder larger or smaller but still keep the proportions of the original, click and drag a corner sizing handle. When the sizing handle is selected, it turns into double arrows on a diagonal line.

When you want to squeeze or stretch an object or placeholder—making it thicker, thinner, shorter, or taller in appearance—click and drag the side sizing handles.

Important pointRemember, dragging the side sizing handles will change the proportions of the object.