Moving, Copying, and Deleting Slides

Learn how to insert, move, copy, and delete PowerPoint 2000 slides in this free lesson.

Moving, copying, and deleting slides

Working with slides in Slide Sorter view is a fairly easy task.

To move a slide:

  • Click the Slide Sorter view button. Slide Sorter View button
  • Select the slide to be moved by pressing and holding down the left mouse button.
  • Once the slide is selected, drag it to the new location.

To copy a slide:

  • Press Ctrl and choose the slide.
  • Drag the slide to the new location.
  • When you copy a slide, the mouse pointer becomes a slide icon. Release the mouse button, and a duplicate of the slide appears.

Copying a Slide in Slide Sorter View

To delete a slide:

  • Click the slide.
  • Press Delete on your keyboard.