Placeholders, Design Template, and Opening a Presentation

In PowerPoint 2000 design template examples are available to you. Also in PowerPoint 2000 placeholders are available. Learn how they work here.

Adding text to placeholders

You learned about the blank presentation option in the previous lesson. You can easily add text to a blank presentation by working with dotted boxes called placeholders.

Placeholders identify where the text will appear in a slide. There are also placeholders for objects such as clip art and charts.

To add text to placeholders in a blank presentation:

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • The PowerPoint dialog box appears.
  • Choose Blank presentation.
  • The New Slide dialog box appears.
  • Choose Title Slide.
  • Click Click to add title in the placeholder and type a title.
  • Click Click to add subtitle in the other placeholder and type a subtitle.

Title Slide with Placeholders