The AutoContent Wizard and Presentation Samples

"Learn all about using PowerPoint 2000 presentation samples and the PowerPoint 2000 AutoContent Wizard in this free lesson."

Using presentation samples

You can easily use the Auto Content Wizard to create presentations. Another option is the presentation samples found under the Presentations tab. The difference is that while the wizard directs you step by step through the creation process, the Presentations tab allows you to choose the sample you want. Options include Business Plan, Certificate, and Marketing Plan.

To create a presentation using a sample:

  • Choose FileactionNew.
  • The New Presentation dialog box appears.
  • Click the Presentations tab.
  • Choose the presentation sample that best meets your needs.
  • Click OK.
  • The first slide of the template appears for you to add text.

Business Plan Selected in New Presentation Dialog Box

Important Point Did You Know? The Office Assistant (OA) automatically appears when you use the AutoContent Wizard. To hide the OA, right-click it and choose Hide.