The PowerPoint Window

Learn more about the PowerPoint 2000 window so you can comfortably use this presentation software.

PowerPoint's toolbars

The toolbars appear when you start PowerPoint. They feature commonly used commands. As you repeatedly use these toolbars to make presentations, you may notice that they change in appearance. This is because the 2000 version of PowerPoint automatically alters the toolbars to show the icons you use the most.

The Standard toolbar

The Standard toolbar allows you access to the Spelling, Format Painter, Insert Hyperlink, and other commands.

Standard Toolbar

The Formatting toolbar

Use the Formatting toolbar to change the look of your PowerPoint presentation. Buttons on the toolbar include font size, text shadow, and bullets.

Formatting Toolbar

The Drawing toolbar

Use the Drawing toolbar to add shapes, text boxes, font color, and line color to your presentation. Buttons on the toolbar include Draw, AutoShapes, and Insert Clip Art.

Drawing Toolbar