Adding Charts, Diagrams, and Tables

Learn how to add PowerPoint 2003 charts and diagrams, as well as PowerPoint 2003 tables, in this free lesson.

Inserting a chart

PowerPoint allows you to insert charts into your slide presentation to display different types of information for your audience.

To insert a chart:

  • Insert a new slide with a title and chart icon.
  • When the slide appears, click the Insert Chart icon.

Slide with chart icon

  • A chart appears with a data sheet and sample data.

Sample chart

  • Replace the sample data in the data sheet with actual data you want to present. The Y axis is for values or numbers, like the number of hours worked or amount of money earned. The X axis is the label for the information. It now reads East, West, and North.
  • You can delete some information in columns or rows of the sheet. Right-click the row or column and choose Cut, Delete, or Clear Contents.
  • NOTE: You can expand the chart columns to fit your data or titles. Place your mouse pointer over the end of the column in the gray heading. A black cross with double arrows appears. Right-click and drag the columns to the size you want.
  • To format column width, click Format Column width.
  • Notice as you enter new data and titles that the chart on the slide changes to show this new information.

 If the datasheet disappears, double-click the chart and choose View Datasheet.