Creating a Blank Presentation

Learn about the PowerPoint 2003 blank presentation option available to you when using this presentation software.


In this series of challenges, you will prepare a presentation about where you learn. This presentation can contain facts about the city or town where you learn and the place you use (home, library, learning center, Internet cafe, etc.).

  • Start PowerPoint.
  • Use the downward-pointing arrow beside Getting Started in the task pane to select New PresentationBlank Presentation.
  • Choose a slide layout with a title and subtitle placeholder.
  • Type Where I Learn in the title placeholder.
  • Type your name or user name and today's date in the subtitle placeholder.For example:

    Where I Learn Example

  • Save the document as Where I Learn.
  • Exit PowerPoint.

Important reminder: If you are using a public computer—like one at a library or learning center—you may not be able to use the same computer each time. It is important to understand the policies on saving documents to public computers. Some places do not allow you to use floppy disks or USB flash drives due to the risk of computer viruses. Ask someone in charge of the public computers where you are. If you are unsure how you will keep a recent copy of your work, you can always email a copy of the document to yourself when you finish working on it.