Creating a Slide Master

Learn how to use the PowerPoint 2003 Slide Master feature in this free lesson.

Creating a Slide Master

If you have a Slide Master, you don't have to format every single slide in a presentation with the same basic design and text.

To create a Slide Master:

  • Start a new presentation or open an existing one.
  • Click View Master Slide Master.
  • A slide with placeholders appears.

Master Slide

  • Click Format Background.
  • A dialog box appears.

Background dialog box

  • Choose a background color. For more colors, click More Colors.
  • Select the text in the Master title style placeholder.
  • Click the down-pointing arrow next to the font in the Formatting toolbar.


  • Choose Format Font and choose a font, font color, and font style.
  • Close Slide Master View to save changes.