Formatting Text

When working in PowerPoint 2003 formatting text is simple. Just follow the instructions provided in this free lesson.


In this series of challenges, you will create a presentation about how you spend your free time. PowerPoint is a great program, and it allows you to be creative with the way you display information, so have fun!

  • Open PowerPoint.
  • Choose a slide with a title and subtitle placeholder.
  • Type the title How I Spend My Free Time.
    • Format the title using a 44-point Arial font. Make the title bold and in a color other than default black.
  • Type a subtitle with your name or GCF user name and today's date.
    • Format the subtitle using a 28-point Arial font.
  • Insert a Title and Text placeholder slide.
  • Type the title My Hobbies Are... on that slide.
  • Type at least three things you like to do in your free time in the bulleted list text placeholder.
  • Insert a blank slide.
  • Add a text box, and type some information about the first item in your bulleted list that is on the previous slide, My Hobbies Are...
  • Format slides 2 and 3 with whatever font and font size you wish.For example:

    hobby example

  • Apply a design template to your presentation if you want.

    hobby example

  • Save your presentation as My Hobbies and close PowerPoint.