Using the AutoContent Wizard

Learn how to use the PowerPoint 2003 AutoContent Wizard in this free lesson.


Section 1: In this section of the challenge, you will practice using the AutoContent Wizard. You do not need to save this presentation.
  • Open the AutoContent Wizard.
  • Choose a Presentation Type.
  • Add a Presentation Title.
  • When you Finish, make changes to the first page of the presentation.
  • Click through the presentation in Outline View.
  • Close this presentation without saving the document.
Section 2: In this section of the challenge, you will make changes to the presentation you previously created, Where I Learn.
  • Open the Where I Learn presentation.
  • Insert a new slide with a title placeholder and a bulleted list placeholder (Title and Text).
  • Type a title and some interesting information about where you learn. Format this information so it is not in a bulleted list.
  • Save and close the document.

Congratulations! You just completed your first challenge presentation in PowerPoint 2003.