Working with Slide Views

Learn all about PowerPoint 2003 slide views in this free lesson.

Changing and viewing slides in Outline view

Outline view also allows you to make changes to slides. While you can drag and drop slides in this view, it's also useful for making changes to the text of your slides or for viewing multiple slides.

To view or make changes to text in Outline view:

  • Click the Outline View tab in the left pane.

Outline tab selected

  • An outline view of your slides appears with text.
  • Click the small gray slide you want to make changes to.
  • Scroll through the slides in Outline view.
  • Select the slide in the outline, then type changes directly onto the center slide.
  • You can view the text of all of your slides in this view.
  • Return to Normal view by clicking the Slides tab in the left pane.