Finalize a Presentation and Package for CD

Finalize a Presentation and Package for CD


Finalize Slide Show and Package for CD Everyone will develop their own process for completing a PowerPoint presentation. For some, this may involve reviewing slides for typographical errors, using proofing tools, or viewing slides in Slide Show view a final time to see all slides with animations and transitions in place.

In this lesson, you will learn how to access Slide Show view from the Slide Show tab, set slide show options, and package the presentation for a CD.

Slide show options

Download the example to work along with the video.

When finalizing or completing a presentation, you may want to preview it in Slide Show view. This will allow you to see all animations and transitions for each slide and decide whether to make any changes to slide show options.

To view the presentation in Slide Show view:

Slide Show View Command in Normal View


Slide Show Tab
Start Slide Show From Beginning

Click the From Current Slide command in the Start Slide Show group to start the slide show with the selected slide. This command is useful if you are interested in seeing specific slides in Slide Show view.

Slide show options

You can access some commands from multiple locations on the Ribbon or within PowerPoint. One Ribbon command that allows you to make changes to the slide show is the Setup Show command on the Slide Show tab.

To access the Setup Show dialog box:

Set Up Show Command
Set Up Show Dialog Box

Changing slide show options

The Set Up Show dialog box

In the dialog box, you can:

Show Type
Pick Specific Slides
Show Options
Advance Slides

To hide a slide during a presentation:

Hide Slide

Click the Hide Slide command again to display the slide.

Packaging a presentation on a CD

If you are going to display a presentation on a computer other than your own, you should use the Package for CD feature in PowerPoint. This allows you to package the presentation—along with all necessary PowerPoint files—so you can view the presentation on any computer, regardless of whether the computer has PowerPoint 2007 installed.

To package a presentation on a CD:

Package for CD
Linked Files Message
CD Dialog Box
CD Name
Included Files
Linked Files

From the Options dialog box, you can also:

Close Options Dialog Box
Copy to CD
Confirm Linked Files


Use the Employee Orientation presentation or any other presentation you choose to complete this challenge.