Hyperlinks and Action Buttons

Hyperlinks and Action Buttons

Inserting hyperlinks

Viewing the hyperlink

In PowerPoint, hyperlinks become active in Slide Show view. When you view the slide in Slide Show view, you'll notice that the pointer turns into a hand as it moves closer to the hyperlink. The hand pointer indicates that the text or object can be clicked. Because this text is automatically formatted differently from other text on the slide, the hand pointer is most useful for hyperlinks that use an object such as a picture or shape.

If you hover over the hyperlink, a ScreenTip will appear if you created one when you inserted the hyperlink. Click the hyperlink to open the webpage if the computer is connected to the Internet.

ScreenTip Example

To insert a hyperlink to a slide in the same presentation:

Text Hyperlink
Hyperlink Command
Insert Hyperlink Dialog Box
Place in this Document
Choose Slide

View the slide in Slide Show view, and click the hyperlink to see the selected slide.