Hyperlinks and Action Buttons

Hyperlinks and Action Buttons

Inserting action buttons

Another tool you can use to connect to a webpage, file, email address, or slide is called an action button, or action link. Action buttons are built-in button shapes you can add to a presentation and use as hyperlinks. When someone clicks or moves over the button, the action can occur.

Hyperlinks and action buttons are closely connected and can do many of the same things. Action buttons are used most for self-running presentations, such as those at a trade show booth or kiosk.

To insert an action button on all slides:

Insert Shape Command
Insert Action Button
Actions Setting Dialog Box
Hyperlink Menu
Action Sound

Action buttons do not have to be inserted on master slides. You can insert an action button on only one slide if you want.

To edit the action button:

Action Command

When the action button is selected, the Format tab is available because it is a shape. You can change the shape style or color so it matches the color scheme of the slide from this tab.