Inserting Movies

Inserting Movies


PowerPoint 2007 Movie LessonYou may want to insert a movie into your PowerPoint presentation. You can insert a movie from a file on your computer or from the Microsoft Office clip organizer. In addition, PowerPoint gives you many options to define how the movie will operate in the presentation.

In this lesson, you will learn how to insert two types of movies and define the movie options.

Inserting a movie from a computer file

Download the example to work along with the video.

To insert a movie from a file on your computer:

Insert Movie
Insert Movie from Computer
Insert Movie Dialog Box
Start Movie

Sizing handles are located around the movie. Click, drag, and release the resizing handles to resize the movie. The sizing handles work the same here as with pictures, text boxes, and shapes.

If a slide layout has a content placeholder, click the Insert Media Clip command to insert a movie located on your computer.

Working with movies

To preview the movie:

Preview Movie

To change the movie volume:

Change Movie Sound

To change when the movie starts:

Change How to Play Movie

Other options

Click a box to select and deselect movie options on the Movie Tools Options tab. These options include:

Movie Options

Picture Tools Format tab

Many of the commands on the Format tab cannot be used to modify the video in a significant way; however, a picture style can be applied to the movie.

Picture Tools

Inserting movie clips

To insert a movie from the clip organizer:

Movie Command
Insert Movie from Clip Organizer
Movie Clip Results

Movies in the clip organizer are similar to animated picture files. You can select Office Online at the bottom of the Clip Art task pane to view additional movie clips.

To delete a media clip:


Use the Company Overview presentation or any other presentation you choose to complete this challenge.