Pictures and Clip Art

Pictures and Clip Art


PowerPoint 2007 Illustrations On each slide you create in your presentation, you have information you want to communicate with the audience. You can do this with text and illustrations, such as pictures and clip art.

In this lesson, you will learn how to insert a picture and clip art, as well as how to modify both types of illustrations.

Inserting pictures

Pictures and clip art can be inserted from the Ribbon, as well as by using the commands that appear in certain placeholders. In both methods, the image is centered in the middle of any selected slide placeholders.

To insert a picture from the Ribbon:

Insert Picture Command
Insert Picture Dialog Box

To insert a picture from a placeholder command:


Resizing and moving pictures

To resize a picture:

Size Handles

The side sizing handles change the picture's size but don't keep the same proportions.

To move a picture:

Move Image

The green circle is the Free Rotate feature. Click and hold the mouse button, then rotate the picture in various directions.

Modifying pictures

PowerPoint provides you with several commands that allow you to modify pictures. When you select a picture, a Picture Tools Format tab appears on the Ribbon. This is an example of PowerPoint 2007 giving you the commands and features you need, when you need them.

Picture Tools Format tab

To apply a picture style:

Picture Styles

To change the shape of a picture:

Picture Shapes

To add a border to a picture:

Picture Border

Select Weight from the menu, and choose a line weight to modify the width of the border line.

Modifying images

To crop a picture:

Crop Command
Crop Example

You can crop the picture to a specific size using the Shape Height and Shape Width fields to the right of the Crop command in the Size group.

To compress a picture:

Adjust group
Compression Settings

Other picture tools

There are many other things you can do to modify a picture. From the Format tab, other useful commands include:

Adjust group

Inserting and modifying clip art

To insert a clip art from the Ribbon:

Clip Art Command
Search Location
Media Types
Search Results

To insert clip art from a placeholder command:


If the search does not provide the needed results, try different search words, or click the Office Online link to go to the Microsoft website, where you can search thousands of clip art images.

Modifying clip art

All of the tools that can be used to modify pictures can also be used to modify clip art images. Just select the clip art image, and you'll see the same editing options that are available for pictures.


Use the Workshop presentation or any other PowerPoint presentation you choose to complete this challenge.