Working with Charts

Working with Charts

Modifying the chart layout

To change the chart layout:

Chart Layout

The chart layout determines how specific chart information will appear. For example, some layouts include chart titles, legends, and axis labels.

To modify specific areas of the chart layout:

Chart Labels
Chart Titles
Axis Titles
Chart Legend Options
Chart Data Labels

Other important commands on the Layout tab

In the Axes group, there are several commands that control both axes and whether the gridlines are visible. In the Background group, there are several commands that control visual aspects of the chart. Some commands in the Analysis group will appear active only if the selected chart is a line, area, or bubble chart.

Layout Groups

Additional chart formatting

Use the commands on the Format tab to modify the chart in additional ways. For example, from this tab you can change the chart outline, format chart text as WordArt, and perform other functions.

Format Tab