Working with Tables

Working with Tables


Tables The goal of most PowerPoint presentations is to communicate information to a person or group of people. The information can be communicated in various ways, such as through pictures, lists, or paragraphs of text. Another way is to use a table to organize the information. A table is a grid of cells arranged in rows and columns.

In this lesson, you will learn how to insert a table, apply a table style, and format the table using various commands.

Working with tables

To insert a table using a placeholder command:

Insert Table
Insert Table Dialog Box

You can move your insertion point from cell to cell in the table using the mouse or by pressing the Tab key on your keyboard. Additionally, the arrow keys can be used to navigate the table.

About table styles and options

When you insert a table, PowerPoint automatically applies a table style to the table. You can see the style options in the Table Styles group on the Design tab. PowerPoint applies a style based on the theme of your presentation. In the example, PowerPoint applied a teal-colored table style to blend with the colors of the Concourse theme.

Automatic Table Style Applied

Options on the Design tab

Some of the most commonly used options include:

Design Tab
Design Tab

To apply a table style:

Table Styles
More Styles

Formatting a table style

To change table shading:

Table Shading

OR select:

To apply a border:

Table Border

To apply a table effect:

Table Effects

Working with rows and columns

To insert a row:

Insert Row

To delete a row:

Delete Row

To insert a column:

Insert Column

To delete a column:

Delete Column

To use another method to insert and delete rows and columns:

Right-Click Menu to Delete/Add Columns and Rows

Additional table formatting

To change the cell size:

Cell Height

To change the text alignment in a table:

Alignment Commands

To use another method to insert a table:

In addition to inserting a table using the Insert Table command in some layouts, you can insert a table using Ribbon commands.

To insert a table using Ribbon commands:

Insert Table From Ribbon

To move a table:

Move Table

Sizing handles are located around the table. Click, drag, and release the resizing handles to resize the table. The resizing handles work the same as with pictures, text boxes, and shapes.


Use the Company Overview presentation or any other presentation you choose to complete this challenge.