Text Basics

Learn how to cut, copy, paste, and format text, including using a PowerPoint text box, for strong PowerPoint presentations.

Formatting text

You can help your text stand out on the slide by changing its formatting, including font size, color, and style.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn about the different commands in the Font group.

labeled graphic

Font Color

Open the drop-down menu to change the font color.

Change Case

Quickly change the case of the selected text.

Character Spacing

Adjust the spacing between characters using the drop-down menu.

Font Styles

Use the font style commands to apply bold, italic, underline, shadow, or strikethrough to the selected text.

Clear All Formatting

Click to remove all formatting from the selected text, leaving only plain text.

Increase or Decrease Font Size

Use these commands to increase or decrease the size of the selected text to the next standard font size.

Font Size

Choose the size of the selected text using the drop-down menu here.

Font Face

Click the drop-down menu to change the face of the selected text.

Show the Font Dialog Box

Click the arrow in the bottom-right corner to access many of these formatting options.

To learn more about using the Font commands, visit the Formatting Text lesson from our Word 2010 tutorial.