Inserting Pictures

Using pictures in PowerPoint can enhance visual appeal. Learn about the PowerPoint inserting pictures features in this free lesson.

Moving and resizing pictures

Once you've inserted a picture, you may want to move it to a different location on the slide or change its size. PowerPoint makes it easy to arrange pictures in your presentation.

To select a picture:

Before you can modify a picture, you'll need to select it.

To resize a picture:

The corner sizing handles will resize a picture while preserving its original aspect ratio. If you use the side sizing handles, the image will become distorted.

To rotate a picture:

Hold the Shift key on your keyboard when rotating an image to limit the rotation angle.

To move a picture:

To delete a picture:

You can access even more picture formatting options from the Format tab. We'll talk more about these options in our lesson on Formatting Pictures.

Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013The Format tab