Presenting Your Slide Show

Presenting in PowerPoint can be daunting. Use these PowerPoint presentation tips for a successful, engaging, professional experience.

Presenter view

If you're presenting your slide show with a second display—like a projector—you can use Presenter view. Presenter view gives you access to a special set of controls on your screen that the audience won't see, allowing you to easily reference slide notes, preview the upcoming slide, and much more.

To access Presenter view:

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn more about using Presenter view.

labeled graphic

Current Slide

This is the current slide being shown to the audience.

Resize View Panes

You can click and drag this line to adjust the size of the view panes.

Next Slide

Here, you can preview the next slide that will appear in the presentation.

Slide Options

Here, you can access the same slide options you would find in normal presentation mode, including the Pen Tools and See All Slides buttons.

Display Settings

From here, you can customize your display settings, including the option to duplicate—or mirror—the slide show on two screens and swap the monitors if Presenter view is appearing on the wrong screen.

Show Taskbar

Click here to show the taskbar and access other programs without closing the presentation.

End Slide Show

Click here to end the presentation.

Slide Timer

Here, you can see how long you've been giving the presentation. You can also pause and restart the timer if necessary.

Notes Pane

Here, you'll see any speaker notes for the current slide.

You can use the Increase and Decrease Font Size buttons below to make the notes larger or smaller.

Advance and Reverse Slide

Use the arrows to move forward and backward through your presentation.