Slide Basics

Understand the basics of working with PowerPoint slides and PowerPoint slide templates, including changing views and slides.

Organizing slides

PowerPoint presentations can contain as many slides as you need. The Slide Navigation pane makes it easy to organize your slides. From there, you can duplicate, rearrange, and delete slides in your presentation.

Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013The Slide Navigation pane

Working with slides

To copy and paste slides:

If you want to create several slides with the same layout, you may find it easier to copy and paste a slide you've already created instead of starting with an empty slide.

  1. Select the slide you want to copy in the Slide Navigation pane, then click the Copy command on the Home tab.
    Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013Selecting a slide and clicking the Copy command
  2. In the Slide Navigation pane, click just below a slide (or between two slides) to choose a paste location. A horizontal insertion point will appear.
    Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013Choosing a paste location
  3. Click the Paste command on the Home tab.
    Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013Clicking the Paste command
  4. The slide will appear in the selected location.
    Screenshot of PowerPoint 2013The pasted slide