Text Basics

Learn how to cut, copy, paste, and format text, including using a PowerPoint text box, for strong PowerPoint presentations.

Formatting and aligning text

Formatted text can draw your audience's attention to specific parts of a presentation and emphasize important information. In PowerPoint, you have several options for adjusting your text, including size and color. You can also adjust the alignment of the text to change how it is displayed on the slide.

Click the buttons in the interactive below to learn about the different commands in the Font and Paragraph groups.

labeled graphic

Font Size

Choose the font size of the selected text from the drop-down menu, or use the Increase and Decrease Font Size commands to increase or decrease the size.

Text Direction

This command allows you to change the direction of your text.


Use the drop-down menu to change the font of the selected text.

Font Style

Use the font style commands to apply bold, italic, underline, shadow, or strikethrough to the selected text.

Horizontal Text Alignment

You can use these commands to align your text to the left, center, or right of a placeholder or text box.

Font Color

You can use this command to change the text color.

Change Case

Here, you can quickly change the case of the selected text.

Character Spacing

Here, you can adjust the spacing between characters.

Bulleted and Numbered Lists Styles

Some placeholders format text as a bulleted list by default. Click the Bullets or Numbering commands to create a new list, or click the drop-down arrows to choose the list style.

Align Text

You can use these commands to align your text at the top, middle, or bottom of a placeholder or text box.