Animating Text and Objects

In PowerPoint animate text and learn to use the PowerPoint animate object feature to bring PowerPoint presentations to life.


  1. Open our practice presentation. If you already downloaded our presentation in order to follow along with the lesson, be sure to download a fresh copy.
  2. On slide 2, select the text box that contains Answer: Neil Armstrong, and add a Pulse animation from the Emphasis group.
  3. In the same text box, add a Wipe animation from Entrance group.
  4. Change the Effect Options so it wipes From Left.
  5. Reorder the animations so the Wipe animation will happen first.
  6. Change the Start options for the Pulse animation so it starts After Previous.
  7. Use the Animation Painter to copy your animations to the Answer: Mercury text box on slide 3.
  8. Remove the animations from the text box on slide 3 containing What planet is closest to the sun?
  9. When you're finished, play your presentation. Slides 2 and 3 should look something like this: