Reviewing Presentations

Using the PowerPoint presentation review feature can help you prepare and get feedback from others on your slides before you present.


  1. Download our original practice presentation (powerpoint2016_reviewing_practice) and a slightly altered version (internet safety - tim's edits). If you already downloaded our practice files, be sure to download fresh copies.

  2. Open powerpoint2016_reviewing_practice. On slide 9, add a comment somewhere on the slide that says Should we make this text larger?
  3. When you're finished, slide 9 should look something like this:Reviewing 1
  4. On the last slide, delete the comment.
  5. When you're finished, the last slide should look something like this:
    Reviewing Challenge 2
  6. Use the Compare command to compare the original to the slightly altered version (internet safety - tim's edits).
  7. Choose the Accept command and Accept All Changes to the Presentation.