Adding Charts, Diagrams, and Tables

Learn how to add PowerPoint XP charts and diagrams, as well as PowerPoint XP tables, in this free lesson.

Labeling a chart

You may also want to label your chart with such information as the title and what the X and Y axes represent. In the default chart, the X axis is the horizontal information, while the Y axis is the vertical information.

To label a chart:

  • Click Chart Chart Options.
  • A dialog box appears.
  • Click the Titles tab if it's not already selected.

Chart Options dialob box with Titles tab selected

  • In the box below Chart title, type the title.
  • In the box below Category (X) axis, type the label for this information. It appears in the rows to the left of the datasheet and in a box to the right of the chart.
  • In the box below Value (Y) axis, type the label for this information.
  • Click OK.

To change text alignment of label:

  • Right-click the text and choose Format Axis title.

Choose Format Axis

  • Click the Alignment tab.
  • Choose your text alignment and orientation options.

Format Axis Alignment dialog box

  • Click OK.