Adding Transition

Learn how to use the PowerPoint XP transitions feature in this free lesson.

Previewing a slide show

If you want to get an idea of what you completed show will look like to an audience, preview it. PowerPoint allows you to view your show in slide show format.

To preview a slide show:

  • Click View Slide Show or press F5.

Click on Slide Show, choose Slide Transition


  • Click Slide Show View Show.

Choose Slide Transition in the Task Pane


  • Click the Slide Show button  to start the presentation.
  • To move to the next slide, click the mouse, the space bar, or the Enter key.
  • When the screen goes dark, click the screen to return to the PowerPoint screen.
  • You can exit the slide show by pressing ESC on the keyboard at any time.

 If you have set the slides to advance automatically, you don't need to click through the slides. Just sit back and enjoy the show. At the end of the show, left-click to return to the PowerPoint screen.