Formatting Bulleted and Numbered Lists

In PowerPoint XP formatting bulleted lists is simple. In PowerPoint XP formatting numbered lists is also easy. Learn how here.


  • Open the presentation Tips for Getting Organized, which you created as in the previous lesson.
  • Insert a new slide with a bulleted list.
  • Format a different bullet style for the slide.
  • Type the title Start Now and type the following list:
    • Spend a few minutes a day organizing
    • Reduce clutter
    • Plan ahead
    • Put everything in its place
    • Prioritize
  • Insert another bulleted list slide.
  • Format a numbered list.
  • Type the title Five Things You Can Do Today, and type the following numbered list:
    1. Set goals.
    2. Set deadlines.
    3. Start with one room or one area.
    4. Get into the habit of doing things right away.
    5. Focus on what you can change and start making changes.