Spell Check and Printing

Learn how to use the PowerPoint XP Spell Check and PowerPoint XP printing features in this free lesson.

Spell check options

Spelling dialog box with Change selected

You can choose from one of the options in the Spelling dialog box:

  • Ignore: The word is correct and does not need to be added to the custom dictionary.
  • Ignore All: Ignore all occurrences of the word.
  • Change: Correct the word.
  • Change All: Change all occurrences of the spelling of a word.
  • Add: Add a word to the custom dictionary.
  • Suggest: PowerPoint suggests possible correct spellings of a word. Scroll through the list to find the correct spelling. Select the appropriate one, then click the Change button.
  • AutoCorrect: This automatically corrects many common spelling, typing, and grammatical errors.

Once the entire presentation has been checked for spelling errors and you have made your corrections or changes, click Close.

 The spell check tool does not catch all errors. Be sure to read through your text carefully to find any typographical errors.