Creating a Prezi

Whether you use Prezi templates or the Prezi create presentation feature to start from scratch, learn how to get started here.

Working with frames

As mentioned previously, Prezi uses things called frames instead of slides. When creating a prezi, it's important to know how to add, delete, and reorder frames to make sure your prezi is a good fit for the information you want to communicate.

Adding frames

Sometimes a template may have less frames than you need for everything you'd like to include in your prezi. Luckily, Prezi makes it easy to add frames to your presentation.

  1. Locate and zoom in or out to the area where you'd like to add a frame, then click the add new frame button located at the top of the frame navigation pane. Below the add new frame button, you have the option of choosing from rectangle, circle, brackets, or an invisible frame.
  2. A new frame will appear. Click and drag the blue sides and the corners to resize the frame to the shape you want.
  3. Once you've finished resizing your frame, drag the frame to your desired location using the hand icon in the center. In our example, we want the new frame to be slightly smaller than the current final frame and placed next to it at a slight angle. This placement aligns with and continues the current path of this template.
  4. From here, you can double-click anywhere on the frame to bring up the text editor to type any information you want to include in your prezi.

Deleting frames

Sometimes a template may have too many frames for the prezi you want to make, or you may not like one of the preset frames.

  1. Select Edit Path at the bottom of the frame navigation pane.
  2. Locate the frame you'd like to delete on the frame navigation pane and hover your cursor over it. You'll notice that a red circle with an X appears in the top-right corner of the frame. Click the red circle.
  3. The frame will be deleted from the path of your prezi.

To change the frame order:

Once you've completed your prezi, you may find that you want to reorder the frames.

  1. In the frame navigation pane, select the frame you'd like to move.
  2. Click and drag the frame to the position you would like to order it.
  3. Release the frame. The frame will now be reordered.