Inserting, Deleting, and Modifying Objects

In Publisher 2003 objects can be inserted, deleted, and modified using the step-by-step instructions provided in this free lesson.

Working with objects

Watch the video! (12:19 min)

AutoShapes in Publisher are a group of shapes you can add to your publications. Shape options include stars, banners, lines, triangles, and much more. AutoShapes are considered a Publisher object, just like text boxes and images. Similar to all Publisher objects, AutoShapes can be stacked or arranged in a different order. To help with layout, Publisher allows you to align— or snap—objects to other objects or guides.

To insert a rectangle:

To insert an AutoShape:

Insert autoshape

To delete an object or AutoShape:

Arranging objects

You can order or change the way objects stack or overlap in your publication. If two or more objects overlap, you can change the order:

order objects

To use the Snap feature:

To use ruler guides:

Snap to guide