Working with Text Boxes

In Publisher 2003 text effects can make your publications more visually appealing. Learn how to use them in this free lesson.


By the end of this module, you should be able to:

Working with text boxes

Watch the video! (6:09 min)

Text boxes are a type of object. Many of the same functions you can do with objects also apply to text boxes, including rotate, resize, and move. In addition, you can change the background and—most importantly—the contents of a text box. Most templates include text boxes with sample text to help you with the layout.

Using the zoom features

Because the text you want to work with may be too small to read, you will need to zoom in or out using the standard toolbar. Select a zoom percentage or click the zoom in or zoom out icons to do this.

Zoom icons

To edit the contents of a text box:

Note Don't forget: You can rotate, resize, and move a text box just like you would any other object.

To change the background color of a text box

Text background


If you have not already done so in a previous challenge, download and save the sample flyer publication to complete this challenge.