Getting to Know Publisher 2010

In Publisher 2010 getting started is simple with the help of this free lesson. Learn how to create and print publications.

Working with the Publisher 2010 environment

One of the first things you might notice when you open Publisher is that the rulers and guidelines that are used to line up document components are slightly different from those in other Office programs. Other features of the Publisher environment might seem more familiar. For instance, you’ll recognize the Ribbon, where you can find the commands you need to complete common tasks in Publisher.

The Ribbon

The Ribbon contains multiple tabs, each with several groups of commands. Some tabs, like Text Box Tools or Picture Tools, may appear only when you're working with certain items like text boxes or images.

The RibbonThe Ribbon

Viewing tools

Publisher offers a group of viewing tools to help you control the layout of your text, images, and objects on the page. These viewing tools are for your editing purposes only. They can be turned on and off and will not appear in your printed publication.

Publication viewing toolsPublication viewing tools

Publication viewing tools include:

To add green guides:

  1. Click either the horizontal or vertical ruler.
    Creating a vertical guideCreating a vertical guide
  2. Drag your mouse to your publication, and release to add the guide in the desired location.
    Dragging the guide to the desired locationDragging the guide to the desired location
  3. Your guide will be placed. You can move it at any time by clicking and dragging it.
    The added guideThe added guide