Producing a Publication

Before producing publications in Publisher 2010 you should know what you'll do with it once it's finished. Learn your options here.

Creating a publication

Video: Producing a Publication in Publisher 2010

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Creating a professional-looking publication takes planning. For instance, before you even begin your publication, you should know whether you plan to print your document or distribute it online. Once you know how you'll present your publication, you can start making decisions about other aspects of it, such as page layout, paper choice, and print option.

Page layout

Some of the first choices you need to make about your publication involve page layout. Creating a publication from a template takes care of most of these choices for you. However, if you create a publication from scratch or decide to heavily modify a template, there are three components of page layout you’ll have to consider.

As you plan your publication, it might help to mock up your design on paper. You can also use an existing publication as a model.

A finished brochure and the initial mocked-up designA finished brochure and the initial mocked-up design