Producing a Publication

Before producing publications in Publisher 2010 you should know what you'll do with it once it's finished. Learn your options here.

Producing printed publications

If you're planning on printing your publication yourself, your planning doesn't stop when you finish your layout. Before you print your publication, you'll have to make certain decisions about how you want to produce and distribute it.


Print quality


If you plan to deliver your publication via mail, consider how you're going to send it. For instance, if you're planning on mailing many copies of your publication, consult with your post office about bulk mailing price options, specifications, and restrictions. No matter how many copies of your publication you're mailing, you can choose between two ways of getting your publication ready for delivery.

Post-printing needs

Depending on the type of publication you’re producing, you may need to plan to put final touches on your publication just after printing. You may need to arrange time for tasks like:

If you plan on producing many copies of your publication, tools like paper cutters, paper creasers, and heavy-duty staplers can help you assemble your publication more quickly and precisely. Make sure to gather the needed tools ahead of time.