Producing a Publication

Before producing publications in Publisher 2010 you should know what you'll do with it once it's finished. Learn your options here.

Printing and publishing

Video: Printing and Publishing in Publisher 2010

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Before you print your publication, take a moment to review the Publisher printing options and settings. These options give you the ability to control exactly how your publication prints. If you'd rather not print your publication, Publisher also offers a way to publish electronically.

Printing settings

Publisher offers a variety of print settings you can modify to suit your needs. Among these are two tools for advanced printing tasks: double-sided printing and collating.

Review the interactive to learn about printing options and settings in Publisher 2010.

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Viewing Options

Underneath the print preview, you can use the viewing options to navigate between pages, switch between the front and back views of the current page, zoom in and out, and view multiple pages at once.

Save Settings

Click Save settings with this publication to make sure that the current publication will always print according to the settings you chose.

Color Options

Click the Color Options drop-down button to choose between printing your publication in color or grayscale. Remember, you can only print in color if you have a color printer installed.

Single and Double-Sided Printing

Depending on the type of publication you've created, you may wish to use double-sided printing, which prints on both sides of each sheet of paper. When you print on both sides, you'll have the choice to flip, or turn, the pages on either their long side or short side.

Paper Size

Click the Paper Size drop-down button to choose the size of paper you plan to print your publication on. Only certain paper sizes will be compatible with your publication; incompatible sizes will appear grayed-out. If your printer has multiple printer trays, you may have to manually select the tray where the correct paper is stored. To do this, click Paper Source.

Pages per Sheet

Click the Pages per Sheet drop-down button to view options for splitting your publication over a number of printed sheets (also known as tiling it). This is mainly useful for printing large items, such as banners or posters.

Page Range

By default, Publisher prints all of your pages. Click the Page Range drop-down button to print only a certain part of your publication. You can print a selection of your publication, print only the current page, or enter specific page numbers to print a custom range of pages.

Printer List

If you have multiple printers installed, you can click the Printer drop-down button to select the printer you wish to use. In this example, there is a printer for black and white printing, as well as a color printer. In order to print in color, the color printer must be selected.

Transparent View Slider

If you're using double-sided printing, the Transparent View slider lets you "see through" the front of the current page to view the reverse side. This helps you make sure that both sides of the page are lined up correctly. Click and drag the slider to move it. The further you drag the slider to the right, the less transparent the reverse side will be.


Click the Rulers button to turn on and off the rulers that appear to the top and left of the print preview.

Page Numbers Slider

Click and drag the Page Numbers slider to the right to display page numbers on the center of each page. The further you drag the slider to the right, the less transparent the number will be. These page numbers will not show up on the printed copy.

Number of Copies

Click the arrows or type in a number to indicate the number of copies of your publication you wish to print. Remember, before you print multiple copies of your publication, you should first print one copy as a test so that you can check your publication for any errors.

The Print Button

When you're satisfied with your printing settings and are ready to print your publication, click the Print button.

Before you print

Before you print, review your print settings and print a final test copy of your publication. You should also consider running the Design Checker. The Design Checker is a tool that helps you find and fix problems in your publication that may lead to printing errors.

The Design CheckerThe Design Checker