Working with Tables

Use Publisher 2010 tables to organize information in an easily readable way for your audience. Learn how in this free lesson.


  1. Open a publication. If you want, you can use this example.
  2. Create a table with two columns and eight rows. If you're using the example, do this in the blank section to the right of the existing table.
  3. Add text to the table. If you're using the example, you can simply copy and paste some of the text from the existing table.
  4. Insert an additional column to the left of the first column.
  5. Merge two cells, then split them again.
  6. Align the text in the far right column to the bottom left.
  7. Apply a table style. If you're using the example, apply the style used in the table on the left.
  8. Select a row of cells and apply a border and fill color. If you're using the example, copy the border and fill style for the "Cookies (per dozen)" row.