Working with Text

In Publisher 2010 text effects can make your publications more visually appealing. Learn how to use them in this free lesson.

Modifying text boxes

Text Fit

The Text Fit options allow you to format text boxes that automatically adjust font or text box size to get a good fit. There are four text fit options you can apply to any text box:

For instance, if your text box was too small for your text you might apply Shrink Text on Overflow or Grow Text Box to Fit.

Examples of text fit optionsExamples of text fit options

On the other hand, if you have a certain amount of space for your text box and want your text to fill the entire area, you might select Best Fit.

Examples of text fit optionsMore examples of text fit options
Text fit optionsText fit options


Publisher automatically hyphenates words at the ends of lines in order to improve text fit. You can control if and how your words are hyphenated by modifying your hyphenation settings.

To modify hyphenation settings:

  1. Select a text box, then click the Text Box Tools Format tab on the Ribbon and locate the Text group.
  2. Click the Hyphenation command.
    The Hyphenation commandThe Hyphenation command
  3. The Hyphenation dialog box will appear. Modify your hyphenation settings as desired.
    • To remove all hyphenation, uncheck the Automatically hyphenate this story box.
      Choosing not to automatically hyphenate the textChoosing not to automatically hyphenate the text
    • To change how frequently Publisher hyphenates words, use the up and down arrows to adjust the size of the hyphenation zone. If you increase the size of the hyphenation zone, your publication will have fewer hyphens. If you decrease it, the right edge of the text will appear more even, but your text will contain more hyphens.
      Modifying the hyphenation zoneModifying the hyphenation zone
    • To specify exactly where each word should be hyphenated, click Manual... The Hyphenate dialog box will appear, containing one hyphenated word from your text box. To change where the hyphen appears in that word, simply click the place where you want the hyphen to appear, then click Yes.
      Manually placing hyphensManually placing hyphens
  4. Click OK. The hyphenation will be adjusted.