Additional Information and References

Use this additional resume information and these resume resources to ensure you're writing the best resume possible.

Try this!

You will be working only in the Additional Skills portion of this document for this activity. Please refer to the following picture:


Replace the template text with your own information. Be sure to remove the brackets as you are replacing text.

  1. Rename this section if you would like. Some possible titles include Computer Skills, Skills and Certifications, or Additional Information.
  2. Replace the text between the brackets with any additional skills or information that relate to the position you are trying to get. Some things you may consider including are computer, technical and/or language skills, any leadership roles you've held outside of your employment, awards or honors you've received, community organizations or projects in which you were involved, volunteer activities, and hobbies or activities that are related to your career.
  3. Save the file with your name as part of the file name (For example, timjohnson_resume.doc).

Be careful not to add any information that is personal, recreational, political, or religious in nature.