Resume Formats: Choosing the Right One

Choosing the right resume format is important to get you noticed. Learn all about the different resume formats in this free lesson.

The Functional Resume

A less popular resume format among recruiters and hiring staff, the functional resume highlights your skills without revealing the dates associated with your job history. The functional resume minimizes specific job titles and eliminates dates of employment, while emphasizing your abilities and skills by placing them in functional skill categories.

The functional resume works well if you:

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Work History

On the functional resume, the work history area lists current and previous jobs, but does not include dates. This may be a good strategy for job seekers who want to minimize a long break in employment or for older job seekers who worry that age may be a limiting factor.

As always, the name and location of the employer should be listed, along with a job title that can be understood by anyone.

Functional Skills Listed

The skills area lists specific skill sets, like Contracts Management or Leadership. These functional skills should directly relate to the position you want.

Description of Skills

Notice that each skill function has a short description of how that skill was demonstrated rather than where. This is nice for job seekers who have had a variety of seemingly unrelated experiences to draw from.

In addition, each description provides examples of measurable responsibilities and accomplishments in that skill area.

Many hiring managers dislike the functional resume, because they can't use it to gauge your reliability, longevity, or how recently you used certain skills. For example, someone who created sales brochures 20 years ago may not be familiar with the software technologies used to produce a sales brochure today.