Resume Tips and Strategies

Learn helpful resume tips and resume strategies in this free lesson to ensure your resume stands out from the pack.

Resume tips and strategies


Regardless of which format you use or what information you choose to include or omit, there are certain things you can do to help your resume stand out above the crowd.

In this lesson, you will review tips and strategies for creating a winning resume and identify common mistakes to avoid in the process. You will also learn about considerations for including links to online profiles and personal webpages.

Watch the video below to learn about some common resume mistakes.

Tips for writing a great resume

In the next unit, we will be going into greater detail on how to write each section of your resume. Before we begin, it's a good idea to understand the general tips and strategies that can make your resume shine.

Consider using the following techniques as you approach writing your resume.

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Tips for designing a great resume

You now have some strategies for how to write and phrase your text, but the way you design and format your resume for clarity and readability can be just as important.

Watch the video below to learn some tips for designing your resume.

Consider using the following techniques as you approach the design of your resume.

Along with formatting your presentation, be sure to carefully edit your text. Consider these tips.

Common resume mistakes to avoid


There are several reasons hiring managers consistently put resumes in the No pile. You want to avoid these common mistakes.

Linking to online profiles and personal websites

With the growth of social media, blogs, and personal webpages, it is now becoming more common to see these links on resumes. Webpage portfolios, LinkedIn profiles, and blogs have the capacity to showcase more about who you are and the type of work you have done.

Some professionals believe links can enhance a resume by allowing a potential employer to go online and find out more about a candidate. However, there are some drawbacks to putting these links on your resume, especially if your webpage or profile is not polished and professional.

Here are a few things to consider.