Bookmarking in Safari

Learn how to use the Safari bookmarking features to add and manage your most visited websites.

Managing bookmarks

If you plan to use bookmarks regularly, you may want to learn how to organize them.

To create a folder:

New folders can be added within the Favorites folder or as their own standalone folders.

  1. Click Bookmarks, then select Edit Bookmarks.
  2. A Bookmarks tab will appear. Select the desired location for the folder. In our example, we'll create the folder in the Favorites folder.
  3. Click New Folder, then enter a name for it.
  4. The folder will be created.

  5. You can then click and drag bookmarks into the new folder.

To delete bookmarks and folders:

If you no longer use certain bookmarks or folders, you can always delete them.

You cannot delete the Favorites folder.

To search for a bookmark:

If you're looking for a specific bookmark but can't remember where it's saved, you can search for it.