Privacy and Security in Safari

Learn about Safari privacy and Safari security in this free lesson.

Maintaining your privacy in Safari

Safari takes great care to keep your personal information private. It offers many ways to control your privacy, like modifying your privacy settings, deleting your history, and browsing in a private window.

Privacy settings

Safari allows you to control some of the information you share online, which you can modify in your privacy settings. We recommend not changing Safari's default selections, as they allow for the best balance of privacy and security while browsing. However, you can modify them if you want.

To modify your privacy settings:

  1. Click Safari, then select Preferences.
  2. The Preferences window will appear. Click Privacy.
  3. From here, you can customize your privacy settings. For example, you can tell websites that you don't want your browsing habits tracked, stop Safari from using location services, and more.

Deleting browsing history

Like all browsers, Safari keeps a record of every website you visit in your browsing history. You may want to remove some or all of your browsing history for the sake of privacy.

To remove specific sites from history:

  1. Click History, then select Show History.
  2. A new History tab will appear with your full browsing history.
  3. Click any link to select it, right-click it, then click Remove to delete it from the history.

To clear all browsing data:

Safari makes it easy to delete some or all of your history. For example, sometimes you might want to remove only your history from the past hour instead of removing your entire history. You might also want to remove all of your saved pages and cookies but keep your saved passwords.

  1. Click History, then select Clear History.
  2. A dialog box will appear. Click the drop-down arrow, then choose the time range you want to delete.
  3. When you're ready, click Clear History.
  4. The selected browsing history will be cleared.