Contacts and Safety Tips

Contacts and Safety Tips

Importing contacts

Skype can help you find more people you know by importing your contacts from other accounts like Facebook or Outlook. Although Skype's ability to import all of your contacts is somewhat limited, it's a great way to add more than one person at a time if you have several friends who use Skype.

If you have a Microsoft account like MSN Messenger, Hotmail, or Outlook, visit our Merging Skype with Your Microsoft Account lesson to learn how to merge your Skype and Microsoft accounts.

To import contacts:

  1. Click Contacts on the menu bar, then choose Import Contacts.
    Screenshot of SkypeOpening the Import window
  2. Pick a service you use (such as Facebook or Microsoft Outlook), and enter your user name and password. Don't worry, Skype won't keep your password.
  3. Click Import to see a list of search results, then follow the instructions for your service to add people individually or all at once.
    Screenshot of SkypeImporting contacts