How to Tweet

How to Tweet

Social integration

As Twitter becomes an increasingly popular social network, more and more websites are offering ways for you to share what you discover with your followers. This practice is commonly referred to as social integration. If you've ever seen a button that says Tweet next to a photo on Flickr, video on YouTube, or article on a news site, you've seen an example of social integration. You can even tweet about this tutorial by clicking the Tweet button right above this paragraph!

A screenshot of the Tweet button on Flick.comSharing a tweet from another webpage

Tweeting from the Web

Sharing takes a different form on every website—maybe a button, maybe a link. Just look for it wherever you find photos, videos, or articles you want to share with your followers.

  1. Find and select the Tweet button or link on a webpage. Look for the Twitter birdTwitter Bird Buttonor logo Twitter Logo Button.
    A screenshot of the Tweet button on CNN.comClicking the tweet button
  2. A new window will appear. You will need to sign in to your Twitter account if are not currently logged in. Type your post before the link, then click Tweet.
    A screenshot of TwitterConfirming your tweet
  3. The tweet will appear in the timeline on your homepage. Some websites will even shorten the link and add hashtags to your post automatically.
    A screenshot of TwitterViewing the tweet