How to Tweet

How to Tweet

Sharing photos and videos

Sharing photos on Twitter used to be complicated, but today it's as easy as adding a picture to your profile. You can upload a photo from your computer to any tweet and share it with all of your followers.

To share a photo:

  1. Once you have composed a tweet, click the Add an image buttonThe Add a Photo Buttonbelow the text box.
    A screenshot of TwitterAdding a photo to a Tweet
  2. Select the image you want to upload from your computer.
  3. A preview of the photo will appear. Click Tweet.
    A screenshot of TwitterTweeting a photo
  4. Click View Photo to see the picture.
    A screenshot of TwitterOpening a photo in the timeline
  5. The photo will appear just below your tweet.
    A screenshot of TwitterViewing a photo in the Timeline

You can quickly access the images you upload on your profile page.

A screenshot of TwitterViewing your recent images

To share a video:

While you cannot upload a video directly to Twitter from your computer, you can share videos from popular sites like YouTube.

  1. Click the Share button below the video, then select the Share to Twitter button.
    A screenshot of YouTubeSharing a YouTube video
  2. A pop-up window will appear. You will need to sign in to your Twitter account if you are not already logged in. Type your post before the shortened YouTube link, then click Tweet.
    A screenshot of TwitterConfirming your tweet
  3. Click View Video to watch the video.
    A screenshot of TwitterOpening a video in the timeline
  4. The video will appear just below your tweet.
    A screenshot of TwitterViewing a video in the Timeline

Sharing your own videos

Although you can't upload videos directly to Twitter, you can still share them with your followers using a variety of third-party sites and apps. Some of of these resources even allow you to log in with your Twitter account. No signup is required!

Resources for uploading your videos:

Telly and TwitLens allow you to log in using your Twitter account. YouTube and Vimeo do not; you must create a separate account.